Niclas "klajja" Kleist

Andreas "KP" Bolin

Mats "Ola" Johansson
Martin Lindström

Hans Vette Liljebladh
Hans "Vette" Liljebladh

2005: In October Von Panzer was formed by drummer Niclas "Klajja" Kleist. Klajja has since then stood as the sole composer, lyricist, bandleader and sometimes singer.

The first member Klajja found was bassist Marko Lehto. Shortly after Marko joined, he also found lead guitarist Olof Sundfeldt. Klajja, Marko and Olof recorded demos for the songs Bullet, Working man and Trenches at the end of the year. A period of songwriting came to bandleader Klajja, whilst searching for suitable musicians.

2006: Marko's time in the band would prove to be short-lived when he left in spring. In October, the band found a rhythm guitarist, Jimmy "Jimbo" Petersson. Demos for the songs The Maginot Line and Loaded where recorded. The bass playing was split between Jimbo and Olof. In November Roger Svensson from Last Temptation became the bassplayer in the band, and only a few days later, vocalist Andreas "KP" Johansson joined the ranks. The CD-single Bullet was released.

2007: The debutgig took place in Norrköping April the 13th. Roger Svensson's and Von Panzer's paths parted later that spring. The band recorded the first album.

2008: In April the band released their debut CD simply entitled Von Panzer, which received very good reviews in Sweden Rock Magazine. Sessionbassguitarist on the album was Joakim Samuelsson. In autumn Von Panzer found a new bassist in Gabriel "Gabbe" Österlund. At the end of the year Von Panzer's debut album was named one of the best hard rock albums of the year in NT (Norrköping Newspapers).

2009: The recording of the second CD started.

2010: The second CD, Von Panzer II was released in June. Shortly after, Olof Sundfeldt was asked to leave the band. KP, Jimbo, Gabbe and Klajja shot a promotional video for Hordes at horse from Von Panzer II. The album got rewarded with 4 out of 5 points in an NT (Norrköping Newspapers) review. In November Martin Lindström became the new leadguitarist. Martin's first gig was the release party for the second CD on December the 4th.

2011: A CD-single called War of the worlds was recorded and released. The single was to become Martin's only recording with the band in the studio. In August Gabbe left, but temporary help arrived in the form of bassguitarist Dag Swanö (guitarist in Nightingale). Klajja composed material for the upcoming third CD. Songs like Tobruk and Divine Wind where among the earliest finished works.

2012: In spring recordings for what would be the third CD began. Martin left the band in March. Klajja immediately started searching for a new leadguitarist and Fredrik Alho began playing with Von Panzer in April, and in June Dag Swanö joined on permanent basis.

2013: Mats O. Johansson was recruited on Hammondorgan and keyboards in January, and the third full lenght album Marching was released. As Jimbo left the band in spring, Klajja turned to Varg Stening to handle the rythmguitar. Varg made his livedebut at Storåfestivalen that summer.

2014: Three promotional videos was made for the album Marching; Tobruk, Into the mouth of hell and Windom Earle. All three videos was produced and edited by Niclas ”Klajja” Kleist. Dag Swanö left the band to concentrate on his work with Nightingale. Recordings for both the CD-single Travis and the fourth album began.

2015: In the summer the limited edition CD-single Travis was released as a ten year anniversary celebration. Kristian Bäckbrandt (ex Brewmaster) helped on the studiotracks as a sessionbassguitarist. In april Mikael Almgren (ex Allegiance) became the new bassguitarist. Promotional videos for Travis and Escape from New York was produced and edited by Niclas ”Klajja” Kleist.

2016: During spring bass guitarist Mikael Almgren left the band and Dag Swanö was hired as a sessionplayer on the album. Thereafter both guitarists Fredrik and Varg left the band. A video for the song Bob from the forthcoming album was released during the summer. In june former guitarist Martin Lindström rejoined the band. In oktober the bands fourth album Army was released. Dia de muertos became the second video from Army and in november Hans "Vette" Liljebladh became the new bassguitarist.